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On a side note, I'll admit that -- while I've sold a few of them -- I've never shot a Ruger .22 can. That said, I can offer these observations: The baffle design on the Ruger can is unique; it's an odd take on the SilencerCo CTA baffle design used on the Spectre II and the Octane. Those cans are mostly known for being tough, relatively easy to disassemble, and pretty quiet, but they're not the quietest cans in their respective categories.

It appears Ruger has significantly modified the common CTA baffle design, which either means they've come up with a new, better design or their design isn't as good as the other designs currently on the market. It's hard to know which is the case, but I can try to make an educated guess.

The thing about the Mask is that it took the quietest .22 baffle design and tweaked it to be easy to take apart and clean. Often it's best to take what works well and make it better. Also, the silencer industry today is based on a lot of insider knowledge and experience. Guys like Kevin Brittingham and Mike Pappas have a proven track record of many excellent silencer designs at multiple companies, whereas I have no idea who designed the Ruger silencer and what kind of industry experience they have.
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