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Last July I moved from my high-volume dealer in WA to a smaller new shop here in PA that just got its SOT, so I can’t give you any insider details on wait times. That said, I can tell you which .22 can to get: The Dead Air Mask. It’s hands-down the best .22 can on the market that I've tested, and I've tested a lot of silencers over the years.

Back at my previous shop, I was looking for a .22 can. My requirements were the following:

-Super quiet
-Minimal first-round-pop
-Can handle magnum .22 calibers up to 5.7
-Easy to disassemble and clean
-Stainless steel baffles for durability and ease of cleaning

The Dead Air Mask was the best can I found that met all these requirements, so I bought one, and I haven't been disappointed. Dead Air was started by Mike Pappas from SilencerCo, and he really knows his stuff. The Mask takes the quietest .22 can baffle design -- the K baffle -- and modifies it to be easy to disassemble when dirty.

The silencer industry is changing rapidly, and too often bigger companies sit on older inferior designs simply because they have name recognition and their flagship cans still sell well (the SilencerCo Sparrow, for example). But newer, smaller companies like Dead Air often make some of the best products, since they're headed by long-time industry heavyweights who know their stuff, but they don't have the company name recognition to allow them to get complacent.

To me the only reason to not get the Dead Air Mask is if you want your .22 can to be super light and you don't care that its baffles are aluminum and can't handle harsh cleaning techniques or magnum .22 calibers.
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