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I started shooting High Power at my gun club last year so i'm relatively new. First and foremost my experiences have been awesome. I'm learning that High Power is not about competition against others it's competition against yourself. Currently i'm only classified as bottom scoring Sharp Shooter , but nobody cares. I have made great relationships with High Masters who have been glad to offer me tips. I have terrible eyes and still I am warmly accepted at the matches. Lots of light jesting and laughs. High Power WILL force you to become a more proficient rifle shooter. I also have shot a few Vintage Sniper matches with my 1903-AForgery and again, just a ton of fun, very challenging for me shooting 600 yds with a 2.5X scope but I still score ok. I suggest you attend a match first just to observe as there is a LOT to learn. I shot my first match scoreless as I didn't want to be worried about keeping score, I just wanted to learn the match. I'm currently also practicing shooting my M1 Garand lefty so I can enter a Garand Match but while my shooting is ok, I fumble with clip changes and manipulating the M1 lefty (I'm typically a RH shooter). Do some research at clubs in your area, I've attended 2 High Power "instructional clinics" at my local clubs. They were $50 and absolutely awesome knowledge. Good luck, get out and try !
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