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Vintage sniper & service rifle competitions

I’ve been reading a bit more about these types of competitions lately, and I was wondering if anyone here has been to one of these events.

I was wondering if those of you who have competed in these competitions, what your experience was like. Was there things you saw there that were unexpected or you didn’t consider as much until then? Anything in particular mistakes that you see new comers make when competing for the first time?

I’m still reading about the rules and regulations for these competitions, but they are something I’m keenly interested in trying. (The vintage sniper competitions however would require me to find a reliable and skilled partner it seems. something I sadly do not have unfortunately)

That said, I’m looking to invest into either a creedmoore M1907 Springfield, if I can find one, perhaps a Type 99 Arisaka, or a nice Swedish K31 (the viability of the latter two I am not sure about, since I haven’t looked too deeply into the availability of quality ammo and/or the requirement for me to reload my own ammo.)

Any insights would be appreciated
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