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"You use a chrono for more than bragging rights on how fast it is going."

I must ask: Why do you shoot?

Once we have the answer to that question, we may better understand if we need a chrono.

I grew up on a farm out in the boonies. Dad had two guns, a 30-30 long tom and a single shot 22. He was not one to waste ammo shooting paper. When he took down a gun it was to go get rid of some pest or to put some meat on the table. You made every shot count. When I was about 12 he had a bunch of ground squirrels that had clipped about an acre of his one field of alfalfa. He took down the 22 and handed it to me and a box of shells and said: "Go kill those D......... squirrels." I confess, I did not get them all but did reduce their numbers so he could get a crop. When the deer season rolled around Dad would grab the 30-30 and go get on the horse and head up the canyon. A while later he would return with a deer tied on the saddle. The guns were tools to protect what was ours and to obtain food.
Take a fine bead!

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