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I have two .270s, both with 24" barrels. I'd used a stiff load of Reloder 22 that chrono'd at 3,200 with 130 grain bullets and it's a great load, but recent batches of the combination are exhibiting higher pressure signs, so have cut back the charge for both of my rifles.

I had one 130 grain Ballistic Tip blow up on a 40 yard lung shot, so stopped using those bullets. Had switched to Hornady GMXs, but recently, they failed to open up sufficiently in my son's 30-06 at short range. We recovered the small buck, but trailed it with difficulty. That's not what we found to be normal using previous batches of GMXs. Others reported the same situation.

The most recent load, using 140 grain Nosler Accubonds on my 860 lb bull moose at 270 yards proved to be excellent. A lung shot through the lungs and it only went about 15 yards. Those bullets may be a bit too tough for Maine whitetails in this part of the state.

I recently bought some new factory Winchester Deer Season 130 grain rounds that are quite accurate and I'm planning to try them on deer this year, but may try them on coyotes. I also bought a couple of boxes for my .243 Win rifles and am looking forward to testing them.
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