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"...No groups have measured over 3/4 of a inch..." That's kind of miraculous for a pump gun.
However, your 760 is rifled, like most commercial hunting rifles in .243, for deer sized game bullets. That'd be about 85 grains and up. For a 95, if you don't have actual data, 100 grain data will be close enough. The RL17 data (really close to IMR4350) on Alliant's site is the max load. Reduce by 10% for the start load.
Then practice at 100 yards, off hand(standing) until you can hit a 9" pie plate every time.
Oh and you don't have to use varmint bullets on varmints. You can work up one load and use it on everything. Nothing is as good practice, even the pie plate, for deer season as varmint hunting. Mind you, if you ever think about hunting coyotes and want the hides, don't use a deer bullet. Blows big holes in hides. That's what my 90 grain FMJ load was intended to do. Speer has discontinued 'em though. Any match bullet will be a substitute though.
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