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I don't shoot bullet weights heavier than 87 gr in my 243. Nor does my powder brand or charge change. Grain weight from 75 thr 87 all are pushed up & out the bore of my rifle with the same powder charge.
Shooting for accuracy or at game the 75 gr is preferred simply because its ultra accurate._80 gr is a close second._ 87 gr. when the animal weighs more than I do.

If I have to step up the bullet weight to 100 gr or heavier. Like 122 HP's occasionally. My 1/4 bore-06 is better suited for those heavier bullet weights because of its case capacity and much faster speeds the 1/4 bore is capable of beyond a 243s mediocre velocity if it were to shoot the same bullet weights. If considering a 243? Best advice. Buy a 1_lb of IMR 4831 for a try.

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