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I kind of abide by that already.

.45LC smokeless and black powder handloads with 200-250 grain lead flatpoints. Velocities in the 800-1100 fps range. I currently use a cartridge converted Pietta 1858 Remington as well as a converted Uberti 1866 Revolving Rifle as main guns for general defense, hunting, and for the vehicle. The '66 has proven to be excellent for use against coyotes and hogs and the '58 sits in a holster when CC'ing or sits in my desk drawer.

In addition to the .45 cartridges, both guns switch back to their original cap and ball modes in about 2-3 seconds and will reliably sling .454 roundballs or Buffalo conicals with authority with 30-35 grains of FFFG or Pyrodex. So in the versatility department, I am pretty much covered. I have always loved the simplicity and effectiveness of the old .45 straight walled, low pressure cartridge and being able to use it in both a handgun and rifle of time-proven design makes me a happy camper. Not to mention being able to load the cartridges with black or modern powders and get the same results.

So the verdict? I will go with the .45LC hands down. And if I hadn't made a choice yet, I would go with .357 or .44 Mag for the same reasons stated above: Easy to reload, compatible with both black powder or smokeless (as long as you are not using a semi-auto) and they could be loaded with so much power preferences for a wide variety of use, from pipsqueak loads for paper punching to bone-crushing cannon rounds for hunting big game.
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