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I would choose 44mag. That works in a rifle for hunting from rabbits to black bear. I have to make an assumption I can either purchase 44 special ammo or load my own as needed. I could carry a 44 special loaded revolver or again load the ammo accordingly. I did carry a charter arms bulldog on occasion some years back. That is a lot better than a lifetime hunting with a 9mm.

Speaking of lifetime - in my lifetime, I have never had to draw a gun in anger. Never! But, I have expended untold 1000's of rounds hunting and target shooting. I have to make a choice that favors the shooting I actually do and still works for the other.

I forgot to choose a few guns. I assume keeping guns I already have: Marlin 44mag. Ruger blackhawk & super redhawk and charter arms bulldog.

For new purchases: I would try and figure out how to get a Ruger 77/44 to shoot with some degree of accuracy. Maybe look at some single shot rifles. And shop around for other CCW options in 44 revolvers.

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