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Originally Posted by Bartholomew Roberts View Post
Eh.. they are just long enough to be a little awkward. Work fine though. I’ve looked at Surefire quadstacks, the Magpul D60 and a couple of higher capacity magazines. Basically, I haven’t found a better overall solution than just slapping another standard mag in yet.
I've been thinking about this a lot too. Yes there are 50 rd 9mm Glock drums and 60 round Magpul drums, but are they a better choice than standard box magazines? They're certainly more expensive and extremely difficult to find a solution to carry them. When they run dry, what do you do with the drum, where do you put it? Drop it on the ground and get it later?

No, I think 30-40 round magazines in the AR are the best solution and the extended pistol mags are too, especially when I can buy 5 of them to 1 drum.
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