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As a Floridian, I started pocket carrying in 2009.

I figured it’s the only way to conceal with a t-shirt.

Unless Sig figures the p365 out, the Kahr PM9 is still the best 9mm true pocket pistol.

Why go with .380, when you cal get a 9mm?

A couple of years ago, I realized that a Glock 19 was easily concealable at 3:00, withe a slight forward cant, under a t-shirt, with the right holster. The t-shirt can’t be short or tight.

I use Ultimate Holster with a single clip and the antimicrobial backing. I have 3 of the holsters and rotate them out (like I do my shoes) to let them air out from sweat and such as that.

A pocket gun’s better than nothing, but a “service pistol” is much better.

I have carried a Glock 19 or 23 that was for two years.
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