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As someone who is a pocket gun enthusiast and shoot them each week, I would advise not to get one unless you plan on doing frequent and diligent training.
They can be difficult to shoot for someone with little experience. And I am not talking about just going to the range, pulling the gun up and taking your time, getting the proper stance, and squeezing the trigger etc. I mean pulling the gun and shooting fast into center mass.
As least this was the case for myself. It took many thousands of rounds down range to get where I thought I was proficient. 10 years of shooting them on a consistent basis I have learned a little about them. For one , even when mastered, it is important to keep honing the skill with frequent, moderate training.
My personal advice is to get one with a strong double action. Stay away from a light trigger. Once you get use to a a trigger like this they become your friend and can be shot as well or better than many of the "light Crisp" triggers advertised and much safer to carry and handle quickly.
Become proficient in Point and shoot skills. This alone takes a lot of dedicated practice and training. Get one that with night sights. Although you will not be using the sight directly, when point and shoot skills are learned, they give a great Peripheral tool to help with fast action at night.
I have heard so many times over the years the comment "These are not range guns". I say "the hell they are not". You take it to the range and you do all kinds of drills, just like any other gun, multiple targets, different ranges, double taps etc. I train as if my life depended on it.

You might want to start off with a bigger gun and move down as you gain experience. JMHO
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