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I am going to be practicing with this gun a lot, so I really want something built well.
None of the guns you listed are what I would describe as guns most people would enjoy or are willing to shoot frequently for any sustained amount of time. Their virtue of being tiny and lightweight also makes them very snappy and unpleasant recoil-wise. People quickly find that they’re not much fun to practice shooting, or find they just can’t simply shoot them very well for numerous reasons. These little pocket guns are not for novice shooters - they are much more difficult to bring into action, and shoot quickly and accurately compared to larger guns.

I also wouldn’t put much faith in their longevity. They may be made well but a small lightweight gun will not hold up to thousands and thousands of rounds being fired through it as a larger heavier gun will.

Finally, a carry permit is only the first, bare minimum step to carrying responsibly. The last thing you want to be is a liability - that means seeking out additional, advanced training - not just in shooting the gun.
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