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First thing you may want to consider. Polishing all that brass to a gleaming new 24 carrot look.
Nothing brings on my smile quicker than meeting some other Pilgrim back in the woods with a shiny new rifle putting their best bushwhacker moves on tree rats or free ranging speed beef.
Nice find there Charles.

Can you handle all that 45 power-house wrapped in a small Seneca package on your upper arm muscle?
Unlike your Renegade's this little Seneca is meant to fire off your upper arm not your shoulder. If you feel leery about or don't want to try shooting? Rest easy partner I'd be quite willing to spare ya'll any disheartening. Oh I'm quite willing to purchase so to help out a Alabamian B/P shooter.
Yup right out of your hands for a bit lesser in price than originally bought for.
Hopefully my Southern Charm isn't suspect tonight Chucky?
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