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The letter "u" on a rimfire case usually means it was made by the Union Metallic Cartridge Co, or by Remington, after they took over UMC.

I do not think there were ever any .,50-70 cartridges that were rimfire. There were early cases that used an inside primer, but they were centerfire. Those cases LOOK like rimfires, (unfired) because there is no primer visible in the center of the case.

Please, MEASURE the round, with calipers or a micrometer. Give us the measurements of the case in all the details you can, rim diameter, case head diameter, shoulder & neck diameter, overall length, etc.

If at all possible when you get a pic, put a ruler or something for scale.

There are several rounds it could be. Without accurate measurements all we can do is guess. We have extensive references but need measurements to use them.
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