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Thoughts on 260 Remington?

I was wondering about your thoughts on 260 Remington as a plains hunting cartridge.
Logically, on a short action platform, if you want to move up from 24 cal to shoot 120-130 gr. bullets, the next available 308 spawn is 260 Remington. Basically looking at the numbers 2800-2900 fps.with 130 gr. bullets. I would really like a 22" barrel, however it appears that 24" might be necessary to get to the 2900 fps mark. However with 120 gr. more speed is available. I like 130's, but if 120 gr. has acceptable BC and SD (to me acceptable would be equal to or better than 243 100 gr. SP.) then I would be OK with 120 gr.
Do you think this cartridge has the speed and flatness to be really good on plains game including 200lb deer, antelope to 375 yds? Or too slow/ not stellar performer?
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