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that is the entire warranty statement from the site its copy pasted. There is no asterisk and subtext or easily found more detailed info that I could dig up.

I will get it resolved one way or another. I just wanted to let the good folks on TFL of my issue and something to consider. I will eventually get it sorted out for better or worse but sometimes the money you spend on a product isn't just for the product itself but the service behind it. 200 dollars for a night sight that was supposedly super durable and impervious to the elements backed by a lifetime warranty seemed like a solid purchase.

I am not hard on my equipment but I do expect it to work in tough conditions if the need arises clearly this isn't the case

At this point I don't even want a repair, I'd just like my money I paid to upgrade it and ill take the loss on the original sights purchase price. I can't imagine when the third one eventually breaks how fun that repair work will be.

There are better companies and products I can waste my money on.

I would've got much more mileage out of another Vortex Venom for the same cost. Just a disappointment
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