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BUYER BEWARE Seeall open sights not honoring warranty

Hey guys,

I usually don't bother with posts concerning issues with products but I felt this should be disclosed since it should be considered if you decide to purchase their products. Here is info taken directly off their website

"SeeAll Sights are built to last a lifetime! Never worry about dead batteries, fog, rain or even an accidental dip in the river. The See All Nite was built to be bumped, knocked around, and dropped. With added tritium even no light situations are not a problem! "

"30 Day – 100% Money Back Guarantee with original proof of purchase &
Lifetime Replacement on Materials and Workmanship
If the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge."

I ordered an original Seeall open sight to test out the concept and see if I liked how it worked vs a red dot. It seemed to do well and after a few range sessions a part cracked off.

I contacted Seeall to get a replacement and since they were going to send a replacement if I could pay the difference and get the nightsight version. They were ok with that I paid the difference and i received the sight about two weeks ago. I reinstalled it to my rifle and two days ago loaded it up into a soft case for range day. at the range I noticed the exposed glass lens have a chip out of it. no idea when it would've happened. So I contact See all explaining the damage and requesting the lens be repaired.

I get an email back telling me the repair will cost me materials and shipping back to me which I feel is unacceptable and dishonest given the claims they make online.

If a sight can't hold up being installed on a gun for less then a week and be damaged before even firing it. That isn't a gun sight its a science project and I don't feel like its something I can trust or depend on especially considering if further future repairs are required.

If a TRS 25 can stand up to such "abuse" as a soft case and a rifle rack I would assume anything higher priced should be able to as well.

Just a very disheartening interaction with their customer support.

I am just sticking to companies like Vortex and the like who stand behind their warranty claims.

I don't want this to sound like a rage post I am still trying to work with them but until then I have a 200 dollar paperweight.

TLDR: Seeall won't repair my two week old sight under lifetime warranty as listed above or honor the 30 money back guarantee. Potential future owners should be aware
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