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Is it "snobbish" to use proper terms when communicating?
No it isn't...but again, as I stated in my first post on this thread, many can appear "snobbish" or downright rude when trying to get their point across to a new member here or a new member here that is just getting into shotgunning that doesn't know any better.

Just type in the word 'shotty' or 'shottie' in this forum search window, do a search and you'll see what I mean. Most of the members(or now x-members) that used that slang word when they first posted didn't have many posts and had just joined TFL. Then the first response's the new member recv's. is how stupid, ignorant he/she is. Doubt the same senior members guilty of this even stopped their rant long enough to first welcome the new member to TFL.
What a great welcoming, eh?

It's one thing for a more senior member here to correct or try to teach a newer member something without talking down to them and or being disrespectful .

Totally another for that more senior member to act "snobbish" or like a total ass when trying to get their point across. Don't know about you but when I see the above happening, I have less respect for that more senior member then I do for the newer member using the word 'shotty' cause that more senior member doesn't do our cause any good , is surely not making TFL as a whole look good and must be just a 'snobbish' jerk in person cause he/she should know better.

I don't see one member that posted on here that likes the word 'shottie' or shotty' and I hope after this thread when new members come here to TFL using 'the word'(it will happen) that when we correct them, we remember that we are the ambassadors not only to our sport but to TFL as well.

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