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Thank you for your input. And yes I have considered a revolver for concealed carry as I currently own a snub taurus in .357mag/.38spcl. As for larger revolvers they are not quite as comfortable for concealment as a semi auto. BTW I am considering carrying either inside belt or shoulder holster.

The reason I was thinking semi auto was an all around gun that is not only accurate (which a snub nose is not) but also a good general use sidearm.

As for 9mm I am familiar with the round and it has never been something that I quite got on board with, and by no means am I discrediting it is a good round in many means it is just a round that I am not a fan of.

As for comfort I have had the opportunity to handle a S&W M&P .357 sig and it felt very comfortable in my hand, more so than many of the 1911's I've held I have looked into the XD considering my M1A is one of my favorite rifles, but unfortunately have not had the opportunity to handle one.

And Thank you for the advice on going to rent one to shoot I know we have a range where they rent pistols I just need to look into what they have available, which has been the hardest part about this process trying to find a gun you are comfortable with if you dont have readily available access to that firearm, cause holding a weapon and shooting one are two very different things.
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