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Hello and welcome to the forums!

If your more proficient with the revolver than why not carry one? Revolvers are time tested and small ones are great for carry!

That being said, I carry a semi-auto as I feel that I enjoy/shoot them better and I prefer the higher capacity.

Between the .45 and the .357sig I would choose the .45... The prices are around the same with sometimes the sig being more expensive. I've always loved the .45 caliber.

I carry a full-size USP .45. This is not a small gun to carry concealed but I shoot it very well and it has never malfunctioned and I have 12+1 capacity. That's just me and a lot of people don't want to carry full-size handguns. It does get a little heavy on my hip as the day goes on.

I'd like to ask why you don't want to carry 9mm. Its an effective defense round especially with hollow points and ammo is a lot cheaper. I prefer the .45 but my father absolutely loves his 9mm... Is this gun strictly for carry or are you going to shoot frequently with it?

If you're going to shoot frequently with it than I would choose something Full-size or compact but not subcompact. Personally I wouldn't want a full range day with a subcompact but I can see the major appeal they have for carry.

In the end your best bet would be to look around and pick a few up and see what you like in your hand. Be it revolver or semi-auto. After you narrow it down to a couple try to see if you can rent to shoot around you and if you can try them out. Variety is the best thing about guns and you're going to be the guy carrying it so make sure its something that you like and that you can shoot it well.

The one thing I personally find most important in choosing a CCW that cannot be judged by how it feels in your hand is RELIABILITY...

I would stay within these brands for quality of build and reliability..

(I have experience with these 5 and no specific order)
Smith & Wesson
Springfield Armory

GOODLUCK and the forum is always here to help and the Search feature is a great tool!

Happy Holidays

post pics when you make your choice!!!
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