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My first thought is, if you are more effective with a revolver, then why would you not want to carry one????

As far as semi auto's, I would suggest to try renting or shooting a friends semi auto. They will be completly different than shooting a revolver as it would seem you are already aware, and semi autos will differ from brand to brand also. I can drive nails with my Glock all day long, but cannot fire a Beretta effectively beacuse I am told my grip is too tight on the weapon, not allowing for it to cycle properly and causing a stovepipe every other round. It feels unnatural for me to hold it how it needed to be held, so off it went to the trading block.

Never buy or carry something someone tells you to because they know it will be the best for you. At best, take their recommendation and research it before even trying. Everyone has an opinion on the most effective caliber or weapon type or how much ammo you should stockpile, and NOBODY is ever wrong.

Good luck, and find something that you can draw and shoot effectively under stressful circumstances, and get a good concealable holster too.
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