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Input on a concealed carry weapon

I am turning 21 in December and before anything else one of the first things I plan on doing is obtaining my concealed carry permit. As part of this process I have been researching various handguns. I have grown up shooting various firearms since I was six, but am more proficient in revolvers and rifles. The only semi-auto pistol I have ever shot is a Ruger MK II. I know I don't want to carry a 9mm, but my problem is choosing between a .357 sig and .45 acp, as well as any recommendations for guns in these platforms. I like the idea of the .357 sig as I grew up shooting a colt python, and that .357 sig attempts to replicate this with similar results, as well as the ability to switch out barrels in most of these guns to a .40 s&w, although I have some doubts about what they say this caliber is capable of doing. As for the .45 I cannot escape the fact of its time tested performance more specifically having to do with the 1911 and the idea of that reliability being there when I need it. It is a larger gun though and seems more awkward for a concealed carry than the smaller .357 sig, as well as its limited capacity. Any input on this subject would be of great help. Thank you.
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