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Looks like there's some catching up to do here; Jim and Chris must both be away right now!

Huey148 -sounds like a 1952 Chiefs Special. It is .38 Special or .38 S&W? Two different calibers. A picture would help a lot - the more the better, barrel side close ups, too.

Sticking - What I do with old revolvers is first clean them thoroughly. Go to the S&W forum and you can find details about how to get the sideplate off in the 1945-up forum in the FAQs. It is slightly tricky. DO NOT pry the sideplate off - it "vibrates off" - read about. Once that's done, clean it out with brake cleaner - it will dissolve old lubes that have dried to gunk and the powder and crud they have accumulated. Once it's clean, you lube only the working surfaces lightly with a high-quality grease, and don't over-oil it - that's what causes these problems over time.

It may have a mechanical problem that needs professional attention - but this is always my go-to first step, and it takes care of 95% of "new old gun" problems.

If the nickel is intact and not flaking off or scarred up, and the timing is good, you should proceed to your local police department and turn yourself in for theft for paying $150 for that. In good shape, those are very desirable.
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