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just picked up an older S&W .38 what I believe is a chiefs special. I ran it down to my local gun store and was told it was at least 50 years old and too hang onto it. The serial is 86XX.
If it's chambered in .38Spl (.38 S&W SPL), it's a 1952 Chief's Special, and you got a smoking hot deal if it's anywhere near original.

If it's chambered in .38 S&W (.38 S&W CTG), it's a .38/32 Terrier made in the early 20's sometime, and it's not quite a smoking hot deal but still not bad.
I have been given what was identified as a "Model 37". The s/n is BPH5XXX. It seems to be a lightweight gun but does not have "Airweight" or "Lightweight" on it anywhere. The finish is blue, but not the shiny blue I see on most Model 37's advertised for sale.
November 1993. S&W deleted the "AIRWEIGHT" block lettering on the RH side of the barrel in early 1993 but did not start laser-engraving the "Airweight" script on the sideplate until 1994. The relatively few guns made in the interim with no Airweight markings whatsoever are potential collector's items, so congrats on owning one. Oh yeah, the matte blue finish was introduced in 1992, but I'm not sure how rare it is.
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