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I think the "freephobia" comes from the old "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is". Which is, of course, generally true and a good rule of thumb. I tend to be pretty suspicious and wonder where the "hook" is when I'm looking at the bait so I can see how someone would be wondering -why- anyone would offer their product for free.

So to (hopefully) help put some suspicions to rest I'll take the liberty of pointing out how this particular round of test samples came to exist. (George, please correct me if I'm making false connections here).

Basically I was discussing lubrication on a used firearm I had purchased over in this thread "What Lube Is This?" and had begun reporting my experience.

George chimed in about his product vs others and I said "hey, send me a little bit and I'll willingly do a real world use test and report back to the group".

George was willing, and in fact went far beyond that with his open offer as detailed on this thread.

Hopefully this clears up any concern about why he's offering free product. We get to try something new and he gets word of mouth if we're pleased with the results. Heck even if we aren't pleased he gets very valuable feedback on any potential issues.
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