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no offense taken

No offense taken at all.

You have to be willing to invest in your product/beleif to reap a return. Sure, we are setting up again to advertise in S.W.A.T. Magazine as well as COP, American Handgunner, Shooting Industry, and others...but NOTHING speaks as loud as WORD-OF-MOUTH, and especially if you're willing to give it to folks to try at a NO RISK offer (free) to them.

In 2002 I did the same thing with FP-10 and it was enormously successful. Why wouldnt I be willing to put some of my advertising budget in the good people of "The Firing Line" rather than a magazine ad that maybe 30-40% of the readers will see (and then what...maybe 20% order?) If I GIVE it to you and it's ALL that I said it is....well...nuff said.

Although I take no offense at all, I clearly do not understand "Freebiephobia".
Actually, this is the first time I may every have experianced it.

Now...if I were giving away $100 bills.....

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