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Seems the 870 magnums I was around had magnum stamped on the reciever. Just like his and just like my TB's and TC's had their respective markings stamped.

He needs to make sure it fits him properly and then start racking up trigger time with it, and it's easier to adjust wooden stocks than it is synthetics in most cases, if the stock needs tweaking. Only way to find out if the stock fits properly is to shoot the gun it's attached to.

I had a guy tell me recently that for practice he pulls up in front of a mirror. He said that when he is pulling up correctly he's eyeball to eyeball with himself in the mirror. I've never tried it but it seems to make sense.
A hunter safety course is a good idea if he hasn't had one, whether or not he has any intention of hunting.
His gun probably originally came with a 3" chambered 30" full choke barrel. They were pretty standard on the 870 magnums. Before he tries to jam a 3" shell into the chamber, he needs to check the barrel to see if it is stamped 2 3/4" or 3". This will tell him the lenght of shell the barrel will accept. As far as I know most all barrels are stamped this way regardless of manufacturer
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