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I liked the looks of the Trailside. But you can't buy them in the Peoples Republic thanks to our AG.

Brought mine to the range last night. Put about 70 rounds through it with no problem. Friend was there and put another 20 throught it without a glitch (He is looking at the slab side model). I was using some old Olin standard velocity, military I think in a generic white box, at least 20 years old. He was using some federal match ammo.

For better or worse when I cleaned the packing oil off the gun I put a drop of breakfree on the extractor before I left the house.

Gun shot as well as I do. The trigger is a little heavier than my Hi standard but its consistent.

Going to put a red dot on it. When I bench it to sight in the scope I will see how well the gun does without my intereference.

(A note on scopes. I went the cheap route and paid the price. Bought a cheap BSA at a local discount store. Got it home, turned it on and could not find the RED DOT. Then I heard a rattling sound. The lens inside was loose. Oh Well.)

Any thoughts on scopes for less than $100. Sportsmansguide has a slew of them for sale.
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