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It's a bucky I get it.

2ksportny you made me google the ruger 22 cia pistol. Son of a gun its just a plain old Ruger. Learn something new everyday.

CajunBass the gallery league is 25 foot so thats pretty close to 7 yards

Easy E the eyes are getting old. I will mount a red dot. The thing I like about this gun is that it comes with the mount. Looks like some people like it, and some don't.

I just don't want a finicky gun. I used a frineds Mark I the first year in the league and that gun would shoot anything. It took me a while to tune a set of mags for the Hi Standard and find ammo that it likes, CCI Blue Standard Velocity, now its pretty much flawless for an old gun. I hope the Mark III would be a painless experience like the Mark I. I recall stripping down the Mark I for a thorough cleaning I before I handed it back was a challenge. I downloaded a manual off the net which made the reassembly possible. It definetly was tricky. (Reminded me of a nightmarish experience in the barracks trying to assemble an M 60 without the manual or a training class. Sarge says by the way you are now an M60 gunner, clean this and turn it in).
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