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I would have to agree the Jaeger M16 or its other variants(Mitchell/Jaeger) are top notch. I've purchased 2 of them in the past three years; one for $125 and one for $160; they are both accurate and can print 1" @ 50yds. and 2" @ 100 yds. with a cheap(Leapers $35) handle mounted scope. They look just like a real AR (not like the Armscor models) and take down like it also. When I bought a real AR I was surprised how much I knew about it's functionality because or the similarity of the Mitchell/Jaeger. If you can find one. . . . .BUY IT ! ! !

P.S. As mentioned earlier; the magazines are worth their weight in gold. Hard to find and super expensive. The gun comes with one 15 rounder.
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