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Also, military brass did not put a high priority on individual soldiers firepower until after the WW I lessons sank in, and even then most of the major WWII combatants still fielded a 5 shot bolt action as their standard infantry rifle.
The speed of Information is much faster now ...... these days have much less patience with moribund convention ...... the lessons of WWI took decades to sink in .... but by 1940 ..... standard Infantry rifles .....

.... Garand (never had enough of em, so they pulled springfield '03's out of mothballs and Gave 'em to Marines, the low men on the funding totem pole .....) : 8 Rounds .... SMLE, the Standard of the Brittish Empire for DECADES by then, at the time? Ten. .... The Italian Carcano, 6 rounds ...... The Red Army had a huge stockpile of mostly hard used M91 rifles and lots of tooling for same, and in the name of efficiency, made the best of what they had .... hence the 91/30 (1930) standard ........ but by 1940 , had adopted the SVT 40 (10 rounds) as the way of the future ..... semi-successfully ..... and then their front wall got kicked in ....... the only major players left to talk about are the French, despite their Hero Petain's emphasis on Firepower, went with their mystic cult of "E'lan" and poured concrete.... and the Japanese, with their similar "Bushido" anachronistic fantasies ...... (Hey, propaganda, warm bodies, and generations of old hardware is cheaper and more politically marketable than R&D, Engineering and Production of a better gun ...... also considering that the folks in charge of those countries (the "EXPERTS") were old guys who, if ever, saw first person combat against 3rd World Indigenous people armed with at best, a commercially purchased Mauser ( which most certainly shocked the hell out of the Brits in South Africa 2 generations before!- and they reacted appropriately, IMO) ..... but more likely, an edged weapon or a black powder muzzle stuffer ........
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