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And a good many of his kills were taken with a Submachine gun. It was the man, not the tools he used.
True, a lot were taken with the Submachine gun, but he still took a lot of them with the Mosin and he had other choices available to him, but chose the Mosin over other milsurps, one in particular was the Sweedish 96 Mauser.

[QUOTE][/QUBe not so certain, there are more than a few Winchester & Marlin living in the arctic regions and doing well enough their users keep them. OF course, we're not talking combat conditions. Not quite fair to compare a rifle designed for COMBAT against one designed for sport hunting. Very much Apples vs. Oranges.OTE]

Of course there are plenty of Winchester's and Marlin's in the artic regions, but like you said, a rifle designed for combat is often more reliable then one designed for sporting use, and probably easier to maintain under those harsh conditions.
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