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But certainly not in the opinion of millions of deer, and black bear hunters for more than a century.
I didn't say it wasn't adequate, just that there are better options available, especially if the OP lives somewhere out west.

Once, that was true. No more.

That $80 440-rnd spam can is now $219 IF you can find any, and it was only "blaster grade" ammo to begin with.

Hunting ammo? $16.99 for Winchester .30-30 soft points. $26.99 for Winchester 7.62x54R soft points. (and out of stock, limited production)

Just a quick check of Midway's site, 10 choices for 7.62x54 most out of stock.
32 choices for .30-30, with only a couple out of stock.

The days of dirt cheap milsurp available nearly everywhere are OVER. and, for a while, now.
While not as cheap as it once was, blasting ammo is still cheaper. Look at SGammo, the cheapest in stock .30-30 they sell is 50¢/round, although most options are over 60¢. For 7.65x54R, they do have some surplus for 35-39¢ per round, and a few options of new production for under 50¢, with hunting ammo between 50-60¢/per round.
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