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Originally Posted by Carmady View Post
Why was MLK Day the wrong "wrong day?"

Wasn't he a big supporter of civil rights?
Yes he was
I believe it was entirely appropriate*

Unfortunately, the left has been allowed to take control of MLK's message and twist it towards their narrative. If your average rank & file leftist bothered to actually invest the time/effort into reading his words, they would find that most of his beliefs align with conservative/libertarian ideology as opposed to their ingrained leftist/socialist dogma.

He was an educated Christian conservative family man who believed in individual rights, but also expected personal accountability/responsibility.

Both "sides" try to co-opt his name & message and twist it, but the left has by far been the most successful, again in large part because they've been allowed to get away with it.

*but in all honestly I believe such rallies are largely a waste of time
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