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I've only owned one Taurus, a PT99 9MM. I bought it off a co-worker probably around 1987/88 for $200. His wife had just had a baby and it was get rid of the gun or else. Well I've taken a liking to that Brazilian Beretta. It doesn't have a drop hammer safety which surprised me but is set up to carry in condition one just like a 1911. It's about as accurate as I can shoot, hasn't failed me yet with one exception I shoot a lot of cast bullet loads at full power in the gun and at first the rounds wouldn't chamber fully and I had to seat the bullets the rest of the way by pushing the slide with my thumb. Seating the bullets slightly deeper took care of that problem. While its not a gun I shoot a lot I figure I've run somewhere between 1,100 to maybe 1,500 through the gun without a problem, the exception being the cast bullet loads mentioned. I like the gun, nuff said?
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