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CCW trainers should also be involved to ensure those TTPs and protocols become standards and wide spread in course..
I'll say it here again..and yes, anecdotal but still accurate, IMHO. MY CCW training course(along with both son's..different places, instructors) was a waste of time. It was a square my $90, sit listen to this guy ramble for 3 hours, get my piece of paper..Give to County Sheriff with $152..get my card.

A 'responsible' CCWP holder will use this as a first step and continue to train, both physically and mentally, to be a 'responsible' CCWP holder. BUT, I think the average CCWP holder is the 'fill the squares' type person, strap on the piece and all is good....This is a question..why NOT better, more standardized training? Why NOT range time/qualification? Why NOT more time on the specifics of actually being an armed citizen and the HUGE responsibilities that go along with that? Seems like CCWP holders ought to be the 'experts' in firearm handling....

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"Tools not Trophies”
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