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Good Lord @Centuriator - shaking your hand must be like shaking a bunch of bananas lol! A friend of mine has huge hands as well, and i’ll never forget my dad shaking his hands and saying that. “God lord, it’s like shaking a bunch of bananas!” Dad was always good for a one liner lol. I’ve always wanted to say it to someone.

Anyway, XXXL! Has there ever been a single stack that “worked” for you?. I wear an XL glove, and as much as I can shoot a Glock double stack, it’s still a touch to wide for me. The 43 and 42 as small as they are, sees me shooting way more on target unfortunately. At the end of the day, there really hasn’t ever been a double stack that’s worked for me.

Lol - it’ll be funny if your “mouse gun” turns out to be a 48 .
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