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I'll say the same thing I did on Youtube

On the issue of reliability, I can safely say that I've had few issues with the Remington replicas, but often have failures to fire with the Colt replicas. I think the issues with the Italian made replicas, both Uberti and Pietta, for the Colt's are the hammer is getting caught by a burr either on the hammer or the frame and it slows the hammer enough to not ignite the cap. A little home deburring would go a long way to making the Colt revolvers more reliable, but they'll never be as fast to reload as the Remingtons.

The only Colt percussion revolver I like is the 1862 as it's the smallest, lightest percussion revolver that's in a serious caliber (.36) for self defense. The .31's just don't cut it for me and the Remington pocket, while smaller than the 1862, is not a quality made gun from the accounts I've read.
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