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Watched earlier... Love that guy!

Interesting to me was the one he had loaded for 3yrs and all 6 went BANG without a hitch! Ive kept em loaded for 6mos to test it one time and had the same result.... That being said, I still wouldnt make it standard practice.

I carry ol' snubby a lot. Most times Im packing "out in the world" in fact. When Im going further out afield I carry one of the remmis, usually the 5.5", but if I where to only use one for hunting it would be target sighted 8".

Point is, though I have plenty of centerfire, I alost always HAVE one of these actually WITH me, and if the need ever arises, its probably what Ill have. If I KNEW I where going into a confrontation and somehow all my centerfires where lost in a tragic boating accident so that these where ALL I had, I would pack and carry both the shorter ones with their conversions and a few capped and ready cylinders for the remmi... If I didnt have conversions then the same thing just loaded BP from the start.

Shrugs... I live in a pretty rural area where there is little REAL crime and even less chance of being invaded or attacked by terrorists. Besides I am in WAY to rough a shape to play Rambo if that ever did happen, though Id still giver her one HELL of a try LoL! Fact is, in my day to day life, in town or out, I feel perfectly comfortable with what Im packing. I wouldnt suggest it for the New York subway though...
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