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Actually I feel the Remington NMA is slightly superior in that the weight is a bit more weildy. My ROA has a much heftier feel, though my NMA is the 5.5” version and my ROA has the 7.5” barrel, though I’ve contemplated sending it to Clements to be cut shorter.

My NMA is more accurate with 33 grns of 3F Olde E and my 170 and 195 grn WFN bullets that should produce .45 ACP ballistics. More than adequate. My ROA is more accurate with about 38 grns (weighed charges). That would generate a little more recoil and a little more smoke, both of which wouldn’t be quite so good, especially as home protection indoors I’d think.

And then it could be further argued that a capped and loaded spare cylinder would be much easier and quickly replaced on the NMA. I’d likely fumble the loading lever parts on my ROA. However I highly doubt a home protection issue would require more than a cylinder. I don’t do drugs, deal with gangsters, or owe the mob so it’s highly unlikely I’d deal with a very determined punk. Most people will flee knowing there’s a gun pointed at them and things will turn ugly shortly. Very few would stay once lead starts flying.
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