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I agree with everything you said. There are any number of possible scenarios. I certainly idealized what I did (and do) as a training exercise. I do habitually seem to walk with my hands in my pockets, not because that's where the gun is. I do it as often when OWB carrying. In the "real" world I employ the situational awareness I learned as a former LEO and 25yrs of martial arts experience as a first line of defense. I also employ two simple tricks, if you can call them that. First, I sit with my back towards a wall whenever possible and second I routinely keep my left (strong) hand empty.
When we go out holding hands my wife holds my right hand. Other than carrying a folding knife which can be pressed into service in an emergency that's as far down the self-defense road as I go. This will undoubtedly seem like overkill to some and not nearly far enough to others.

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