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I'm on my annual road trip to Portland, for my Daughters 4th of July get together.

We went shooting as my daughter wanted me to work with her shooting a bit.

She ask about this very topic. She heard me mention that I can get my revolver in action in about 1/2 second and wanted to see it.

I gave her the shot timer and had her give me a start. From the pocket, hitting center mass at 7 yards I did it in .45 seconds. It can be done, but like anything else, it takes practice.

I also showed her that, just because one has the drop on you, you still have the ball in your court.

I had her aim at the target, then when she saw me start to draw, she was to shoot. I asked her if she was ready, she said yeap, I ask again if she was watching me, and if she was ready, when she said "I'm ready", I drew and shot. She said she wasn't ready. I did this three out of three times. Each time as she was telling me she was ready.

She ask me how I could beat her when she was already on target, and finger on the trigger. I simply told her she talked too much. Shoot don't talk. You can't talk and shoot at the same time.

It doesn't take much to distract a person, you can act faster then you can re-act.

People say it can't be done because they have a mental block, they think they can't do it so they can't. Practice. Tell your self you can do it, then practice until you can. But its not like riding a bicycle. You have to keep at it or you will loose your ability.

I'm not a pistol shooter, I'm a rifle shooter. Add that to the fact that in a couple weeks I'll be 65 years old, If I can do it, anyone can.
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