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"Glock does have un-supported chamber area, and Glock sells a lot of guns."

But the area of unspported case head in early Glock .40s was much larger than with other guns.

Glock redesigned the barrel to tighten that up considerably after the problems began surfacing.

In the same manner, the ammunition companies redesigned the .40 case.

"You'll soon find the inevitable correlation between the high-profile stories of Glocks exploding, and the "like clockwork" footnote at the bottom of the story that said the shooter was using "reloads" in his Glock."

It's not a footnote. It's was part and parcel to the problem.

The large unsupported area of the case head, in combination with the early, thinner brass design, caused overexpansion and over stressing of the part of the case that wasn't supported.

Even when reloaders kept their loads within the standards established by the ammunition companies, the cases were prone to failure no matter what kind of bullet was being used (lead or jacketed).
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