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You'll soon find the inevitable correlation between the high-profile stories of Glocks exploding, and the "like clockwork" footnote at the bottom of the story that said the shooter was using "reloads" in his Glock.
SO what is the correlation? Is the implication that no one is safe enough to load reloads without blowing up thier guns? Newsflash, Millions of rounds are reloaded and shot without KB's each year. Of course there are a few KB's and not always with Glocks, these are real blunders that are the ammos fault. If it was always the ammo then other brands of guns would have just as high of instance of KB as the Glock. They do not! And to boot, many of the Glock KB's are with factory ammo. How do you explain that?

Simple. Glock pistols are not user friendly. 20 years is enough time to bring a lot of design flaws to the surface. Pity, because I really like Glocks concept. Who don't want a 14 rnd 45?!

Who here has the Glock flinch?
It's not anticipation of recoil, it's anticipation of KB with Glocks!
Is this the one?

Ok I'm being facetious but as an end user I can be. I don't need to know the whys of the engineering flaws, all I need to know is that Glocks are very picky about ammo even factory, and more finiky with reloads wether jacketed or lead so they lost my confidence and dollars. I tried to get reloads to work in it and it was very touchy and never did get total feed reliability.

Funny I don't need lab conditions to load good ammo for my 1911. We need to quit blaming the ammo for Glocks problems and put the blame where it firmly belongs...Glock is a poor pistol overall.
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