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The Glock Kaboom myth!


If the so called "Glock Kabooms" are such a problem:

1) For liability reasons would not Glock redisign the G22 or discontinue it?

2) Would police departments and other departments across the nation continue to buy G22's?

For me these two above statements make me think that the G22 is good to go and not to worry.

Am I wrong?
Possibly so. If Ford Pinto fire risk was real, wouldn't Ford have redesigned or discontinued it?

Would NASA have sent up the space shuttle if temps were too low for the O rings?

Would police departments continue to buy it? Sure. They are offered package deals by Glock. They do the same things with their vehicle fleets as well. Many of the typical police vehicles are not models known for their long term or heavy use durability.

Another thing to keep is mind is who is responsible for the contracts between the police departments and their vendors. More often than not, the decisions are made not by the end users, but by pencil pushing mgmt. Such decisions are often made based on economics.
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