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if I were a criminal..I would covet the firearms owners house(they do) as the homeowner has to go to work sometime, and as they say "his stuff is our stuff". Thats another reason you dont keep form 4 copies in the glovebox of your can lead to unwanted visitor(s) after a burglery of a motor vehicle.

You live in the same world I are'nt in a position to take notice.
Its not something you deal with unless something directly happens to you are somebody you know. Even citizens with scanners realize there is one thing going on or another 24 hrs a day in your area. Do a ride out with the local police if possible. What you find may surprize you. You have nothing to prove to me, prove it to yourself- go find out what is correct where you live.
Gunshop gossip is no true indicator...go strait to the folks that deal with it.
and nothing wrong with your age, I was trying to determine where you were comming from age wise (im 44 just for grins)
I live where the nearist real grocery store is 8 miles away, and my patrol area includes 4 small towns and a whole lot of cow pasture(though I have worked as a patrolman in the inner city) Even out in the middle of nowhere folks are ripping each other off in broad daylight....often its high school students playing hookie from school doing the burglaries during the day.

It doesnt take rioting and mayhem in the streets to cause the loss of your things..if there is one house broken into in the whole county this month...that is great stats, unless it was your only has to happen one time for it to really sting. As the big cities law enforcement efforts grow more effective, it pushes the cockroaches out into the suberbs and country and suddenly everyone realizes that you can no longer leave your house and car unlocked anymore. there is no such thing as "can't happen to me"
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