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Not a license as an Individual will have a 200.00 tax stamp, affixed to an approved BATF Form 4.......If you live in a state that NFA weapons are allowed, you should be able to find a machinegun dealer in your state. But as they said doesnt spend 17,000.00 on a M16, or 6,000.00 on a M2 carbine and use it for home defense...(it will be consficated after a shooting like anything else for one thing...and since regular firearms are often hell to get back, so to would this. 2x)
There has only been a handful of self defense shootings with registered NFA
weapons since 1934, couple of suicides, and a couple of incidents of the registered user using the item to commit a crime....overall the most peacable class of firearms owners in exsistance for over 73 years.
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