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The translation is close enough I don't feel the need to correct any of it.

As another alluded, the second the Mexican Government, especially LE has this info, the cartels do also.

There is more, not less, political pandering and false promises in the Mexican Gov't than the US. This is just smoke and that is why no one is reporting it.

It is important to keep in mind that in the last few months a second region of Mexico has cordoned itself off and refused entrance to government law enforcement due to their involvement with cartels. The HUGE Mormon area in northern Mexico, where most of the arms probably do come from the US and an area in the mountains around Cancun are both operating more or less independently at current. At the very least like autonomous zones with little to no federal government officials present.

Several very small and limited confrontations between LEO trying to disarm Mormons in the north over the last few years with government backing down, none reported outside Cancun, but it makes the government look pretty bad.
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